5 steps to start trading online with Classic Options

Every day thousands of people start trading online. It is very easy! The next tips will help you to start earning online.

1) Account type

You should open a trading account. There are different types of accounts. So every trader will find the best for him. You can always ask your manager, they are ready to help you and explain all peculiarities.

2) Trading area

It is time to look at the trading area. Manual trading depends on your skills. Look through this page very attentively. You will choose an asset here, the amount of money, expiry time. Open positions and closed positions are placed here too.

3) The amount of money

If you trade manual you should choose the amount of money. A min amount is $20 US and the max is $500 US.

4) Trading

Binary options means that you predict the fall or rise of an asset. If you press CALL you expect the rise and if you press PUT you expect the fall of an asset.

5) Profit

That is all! Get the profit!